Pre-Construction Review & Consulting

CCS prefers to be proactive and assist our clients in preventing problems before they start rather than investigating failures post construction. We offer plan reviews to assist in the identification of problematic details or conditions, which may lead to water infiltration or future failure. We conduct code review analysis for any size projects. We offer a “second set of eyes” to help eliminate failures and consult on best practices for the means and methods of construction. As part of this service, we prefer to follow up in the field to help the contractor or owner to implement action to prevent water intrusion. Without detailed quality control in the field, details and standards are often not met leading to failures and possible litigation.

After investigating hundreds of building problems and failures, we often see consistent trends and failures of the construction industry both for design and construction practices that create problems. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

Construction Claims Preparation & Expert Witness Testimony

Corporate Construction Services, LLC provides claims preparation services to clients who are in a dispute involving a construction project. It is our chief aim to provide a neutral assessment of the facts of a case to assist clients to recover funds or to defend clients based on the true and accurate facts of the case. We work directly with clients and our clients' attorneys in the preparation of a case. By having a united effort in the claim preparation and points of law, we provide strength and continuity on our client's behalf. We take our findings, create trial exhibits, and provide expert witness testimony in preparation for mediation and trial or arbitration. In preparing claims, we often analyze the following issues:

  • Critical Path Scheduling & Analysis
  • Causation & Liability
  • Constructive Acceleration
  • Construction Auditing
  • Construction Means & Methods
  • Damage Quantification
  • Delay & Disruption
  • Out-of-Sequence Work
  • Defective Plans & Specifications
  • Cost Escalation of Materials & Labor
  • Lost efficiency–productivity claims
  • Differing Site Conditions
  • Delays Caused by Owners, Contractors & Subcontractors
  • Weather Analysis
  • Submittal, RFI & Change History & Impact
  • As-Built & But-For Schedule creation
  • Manpower & Resource Costs
  • Work Stoppage Claims
  • Back charges
  • Breach of Contract
  • Rework & Punch Items
  • Defect pricing & cost analysis
  • Document Management
  • Contractor and Designer Standard of Care
  • Graphical & Multi-media presentation and exhibits

Other project-specific issues are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If appropriate, we also look to recover lost overhead in the field and home office. Time extension analysis is reviewed based on the critical path changes that occurred during the course of the project. The critical path is reviewed utilizing a variety of scheduling methods. We often provide detailed impact analysis for the claim preparation including critical path charts and graphs and other evidentiary exhibits. Our experience includes numerous government and public works claims as well as commercial and industrial project claims.

As expert witnesses, we provide technical support every step of the way. We are committed to the highest ethical principles and standards of performance. Starting with project record collection, our work typically includes the examination and analysis of contracts, project plans, project bids, budgets, changes and contemporary records. We examine all manner of project documentation and correspondence, CPM schedules and progress updates. We analyze the data, summarize our findings and prepare expert reports. We support you throughout depositions, mediation and negotiations. When all attempts to settle disputes fail, we support you by performing additional analysis, as required, and submit expert testimony.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services

Disputes often arise during construction projects. Often, the parties involved are not able to resolve the dispute alone. A third party is needed to review the facts, bring the parties into amicable relations, and help the project move unhindered to completion. Particularly if there is a contract provision for a DRB, Dispute Review Board or Panel, or even an Initial Decision Maker (IDM) that can be a great benefit to any reasonably large contract.

Pre-Dispute Neutrals

Many members of the Corporate Construction Services, LLC staff can provide services as a Dispute Resolution Advisor (DRA) for your project (or to be a part of your Dispute Resolution Board, DRB). Ideally, a DRA should be brought in at the beginning of a project and, at a minimum, take part in monthly meetings in order to monitor the major issues of the project. It is our suggestion that the Owner and the general or prime contractors share the cost of a DRA or DRB. While some architects have traditionally served as the project’s initial dispute decision maker, in reality their role as the Owner’s agent creates a natural bias. In design-build projects, the contractor often hires the architect. The role and action of a Dispute Resolution Advisor (DRA) provides a mechanism to avoid costly disputes for all involved. Once a dispute has actually occurred a potential claim condition exists. At this point, a mediator rather than a Dispute Resolution Advisor would be required.

If the parties do not wish a binding decision of a Dispute Resolution Advisor, the latest AIA contract documents allow for the selection of an IDM, Initial Decision Maker, in the contract. CCS can serve as this Initial Decision Maker and provide not just a neutral role, but extensive construction expertise as well. Although the decisions may not be binding, the project participants get an expert view of the validity and cost of disputed claims or changes. Having a neutral IDM, who is not a part of the project, as a participant will help in reasonable solutions and amicable dispute resolution.

Post-Dispute Resolutions

If the parties in a construction project are beyond the point of communication and have set their position toward litigation or arbitration, Corporate Construction Services can step in to provide its principal, Steve Peklenk, an experienced North Carolina Certified Superior Court mediator. It is said that there are two sides to every story. We work to bring the parties together and resolve problems as expeditiously as possible.

If a dispute cannot be resolved through mediation, the parties will enter into litigation or arbitration. Corporate Construction Services’ Managing Director, Steve Peklenk, is on the Panel of Arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association. The American Arbitration Association provides fair rules and neutral professional administration of the arbitration process. Arbitration is often a less expensive and a more expedient alternative to trial. CCS generally finds that a good construction arbitrator can grasp the facts of complex cases that are very hard in a jury setting. Steve Peklenk can serve as an arbitrator directly or through the AAA. Mr. Peklenk is also often selected to serve as a neutral decision maker for overseeing the reconstruction of defect cases and as the specified arbiter of technical decisions about what should be repaired.

Engaging a Third Party Neutral is another way of solving disputes. Our construction expertise provides parties with the ability to fairly, objectively, and skillfully review the facts, separate the wheat from the chaff and deal with the factual issues in a dispute.

Whether you need a DRA, a DRB panelist, an IDM, a Mediator, an Arbitrator, or a Third Party Neutral, CCS can help.

Owner’s Representation

Corporate Construction Services, LLC has provided services as an Owner’s Representative on numerous projects during the construction process. CCS will act on the building Owner’s behalf, assuming the posture that the project is our own. We bring our construction expertise, management ability, programming knowledge, and overall construction operations knowledge to the project and apply logic, fairness, and management ability, all in order to protect our client’s interests.

Corporate Construction Services does not propose to diminish the role of the architect on a project. However, we do want to act as a safety check for the project by reviewing the overall construction process as well as the general accuracy and completeness of the plans, the bids, and the work. We are able to provide the Owner with a digital photographic record of the project. This not only verifies the progress of the work, but also serves as an indisputable record of important events for the project. It is key to take such photos on a regular basis to have a complete record of the project.

We attend weekly job meetings as may be needed on behalf of the Owner to insure that the project goes smoothly. If problems do occur, the cause is identified and solutions are found to keep the project on track. Corporate Construction Services acts for the interests of the Owner to expedite and advise during the design, construction, and occupancy of the building.

One of our primary objectives is to keep our clients on schedule and on budget and informed about their projects. We will verify that work is performed properly. We can also monitor the project schedule and even provide program or master schedules for the Building Owner for multiple projects or capital campaigns. In short, we become the eyes and ears of the client to insure the success of the construction project.

Project Controls & Scheduling

Corporate Construction Services, LLC utilizes Primavera Management software to schedule projects. At the election of the client, Primavera Project Planner, Primavera Constructor®, Suretrack® Project Manager, Microsoft Project or other software can be used. We provide Project or Master Schedules depending on the needs of the client. Schedule Updates and Progress Reports are provided as agreed, usually twice a month. Additionally, Corporate Construction Services can provide a digital photographic record of the project taken during the site visits. These photographs can be incorporated into the project schedules or reports.

Our staff has significant experience in project scheduling and project controls. We can create complex schedules with significant details, such as shut-down projects, as well as those that are more general in nature, such as Program Management Schedules. We work extensively with our clients to insure that all needed information is included and organized to their requirements. We provide baseline schedules, identify and track critical paths and potential delays. We provide updates and schedule monitoring including tools such as look ahead schedules, critical or near critical reporting, and subcontractor sorts to manage various parts of the work. When needed, we perform delay analysis, analysis for schedule compression and/or acceleration and develop recovery plans for particular milestones or the entire project.

If contractors are facing difficult conditions, we offer analysis for cardinal changes, constructive changes, change order impact analysis and requests for equitable adjustments.

CCS advises construction company clients on proper project and operational controls, recordkeeping, and management consulting. Construction is a combination of thousands of complex tasks, which need to be carefully coordinated and orchestrated to result in a successful and profitable project.

Property & Construction Inspections

Property Inspections

Corporate Construction Services, LLC provides inspections for real property structures and construction projects. Our inspection services are used by Property Owners, Buyers, Lending Institutions, and Insurance Companies. For Property Owners or Buyers, property inspections are usually made prior to real estate transactions to ascertain the condition of the property and function of the systems. For Lending Institutions, Corporate Construction Services inspects Commercial and Residential construction for progress payments (Loan verification). We provide written reports with photographs of the findings for all such inspections (photographs with commercial inspections only). Reported progress can be based on AIA G-702 and G-703 or other formats. For Insurance Companies or Property Owners we can also provide monthly inspections (or more often) to be a third party looking after their interests and making assessments of changes, delays, quality, and work progress. CCS inspects projects that have been terminated or foreclosed property to provide lenders or owners the actual cost complete and further analysis of code problems, defects, water or mold problems, or other factors that affect the value of the real property asset.

Forensic Investigation - Inspections

CCS also provides inspections for claims situations such as problems related to: Mold, Water Intrusion (including Infrared Thermography studies), Paint Failure, Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS), Stucco systems, Tile & Stone work, Roof problems, waterproofing, concrete work, masonry work, metal panels, building envelope failures, structural problems and site work failures. With our associate licensed professional engineers, we can make various types of civil and structural failure inspections. Our Registered Architect and Manager of Architectural Services can review design issues, although we do not provide design services.

Our inspections provide the basis for defect analysis reports and we create costs estimates for repairs.

Mold Inspections

We have conducted hundreds of mold tests and mold investigations on many types of properties. Our Certified Mold Inspectors and Indoor Air Quality Specialists can assist you in finding the mold and its source, and providing consulting and guidance through the remediation process through final clearance. The mold tests conducted by CCS include ERMI, ELISA, PCR, QPCR, Anderson-Impactor Testing, Air Sampling (Including open, wall, and cavity), Tape sampling, and Swab sampling. Our laboratories are accredited through the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

Infrared Imaging & Thermographic Analysis

Our water intrusion analysis may include infrared thermography which assists us to find the source of the problems that leads to mold growth. Our staff has been certified to review and make diagnostic analysis of the thermal images to aid in the investigation process. Infrared Imaging at CCS is not limited to water intrusion or roof leak issues; we also perform equipment and electrical analysis utilizing infrared thermography.

Building Testing & Analysis

CCS performs a variety of tests for building envelopes, roofing, waterproofing systems, window and door problems, masonry systems, concrete, paint, and wood working. Our troubleshooting for water intrusion, moisture control, and building system performance helps us determine and solve the problems our client experience. Or tests include things such as Rilem tests, ASTM E1105 curtain wall tests, AAMA 502.2 water testing, Flood and dye testing, Moisture Readings with a variety of instruments, infrared testing, Structural impact testers, Stress & Strain load testing, structural load testing, Tooke gauge paint testing, chemical paint analysis, and various mold and indoor air quality testing.